Celebrating our anniversary within The Good Home

Celebrating our anniversary within The Good Home

This year, on our 25th anniversary, we decided to turn away from the classical corporate celebration party. Alternatively, we went for a more kindhearted activity and brought celebration into the lives of some bright children in Ferentari, Bucharest. We put our skills to work and set up the kitchen equipment for The Good Home, a social initiative meant to offer a safe learning space for children in Ferentari.

The Good Home, explained

Valeriu Nicolae or Papa Valeriu has a 12 year history of taking care of underprivileged children in Ferentari. Throughout the time, he managed to build and coordinate a team of volunteers who dedicate their weekends to children: they do homework, extra study or cook. After several bureaucratic challenges, Valeriu Nicolae embraced the idea of a space dedicated solely to this type of activity. Therefore, he purchased a house and started adapting it to children’s needs. 

We are honoured to have helped him continue his social project by contributing with our expertise by delivering and setting up the kitchen equipment. The Good Home kitchen feeds more than 130 children and volunteers on a weekly basis.

Why we ”donated” our anniversary

After 25 years of activity, we definitely know the meaning of building a dream from scratch. When you put all your effort in order to achieve a goal, you understand the value of support and solidarity. That is why we felt this is the right time to give our bit to this inspiring ambition of making the world a better place.

We cherish The Good Home and we encourage our peers to choose the altruistic version of corporate celebration. In the actual context, solidarity is a pillar of positive change, therefore every action, be it small, matters.